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Prepayment Meter

P12G04 Single Phase DIN-Rail Split Prepayment Meter

Prepayment Meter

Product Overview
P12G04 is a DIN RAIL mounting split type single phase prepayment meter operating with STS standard encryption algorithm. The meter consists of two parts, the meter and CIU. The meter is installed in  meter enclosure on the wall or on the top of the pole for energy metering and communicates with CIU at regular intervals for customer energy information.Its also offers remote communication capability using PLC module with AMI system.
  • Key Features
  • Technical Specifications
    Double circuit measurement(phase+neutral).
    IP54 protection.
    Ultrasonic welding.
    STS standard.
    Tamper detection works on power On/Off mode. 
    Multiple events detection such as current revese,bypass,terminal cover open,magnetic interference etc.
    Prepaid/postpaid mode configurable.
    PLC/RF/M-Bus for CIU communication. 
    Internal PLC/RS485 communication module for remote energy monitoring.
    Meter box detection,RS485(optional).
    MC171 for data extraction. 


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