The first phase of professional English training for Power Division officially started.TIME:2019-11-08 02:58:30   浏览次数:39129

In order to enhance the professional "combat" ability of the technical team and help the company's overseas strategic development, the first professional English training course on August 2, 2019 officially started.

The 36 technical members from R&D and Overseas Marketing have formed a smart English (tech) class.

         I. Ice-breaking action

Brave Heart、For the Win

Sunshine、Rubik's cube

After 15 minutes of heated discussion, the names of each team came out as “Brave Heart, For the Win, Sunshine, Rubik's cube”which seemed to be simple but represented each team’s style and vision. Moreover, they also came up with their own interesting LOGOs after the intense conception.

After voting, the team logo from Brave Heart was elected as the best design, which means: Get through the value chain hand in hand!

Ⅱ. Program introduction

After the ice-breaking activity, HR Manager Mrs.Huang elaborated on this professional English training program, which will be organized around the following courses:

Finally, Mrs. Huang sent her wishes to the trainees: I hope everyone can abide by the learning norms, grasp the learning resources, give full play to the subjective initiative, and achieve a rapid improvement of the English level, and work together to create better performance.

Ⅲ. Learning system introduction

Emma, a teaching assistant from Tutor ABC in Shanghai, gave a comprehensive introduction to the APP operation and ordering system, and said that the process will provide strong support and services for the trainees and respond to the needs in real time.

Ⅳ. Oath-making

Filled with confidence, all the students solemnly read the learning oath, signed the Responsibility Oath Paper of Learning, fully demonstrating the ingenuity, concentration and determination.

V. Guest speech

R&D General Manager Mr. Duan affirmed the company's good learning platform and the enthusiasm of the students, and brought a sincere speech to everyone:

Behind the rapid development of the company overseas, it is inseparable from the efforts of you all. I hope that while maintaining full confidence, we will set a small goal: to make the best overseas power product in China.

I hope that all the students here can firstly break through the himself/herself, dare to speak and dare to express, not afraid of the language environment, and further improve their fluency.