Chen Zhongchao-----the Vice Mayor of Ningbo Visiting Our Company TIME:2014-12-01 12:57:23   浏览次数:56942

On November 28 afternoon, Ningbo vice Mayor Chen Zhongchao accompanied by AUX group vice President Chen Diming, general manager of the business division Li Weiqing and other company leaders visited the Sanxing Electric Ci cheng Industry Zone, research on the construction of enterprise industry platform.

First of all, Mr. Chen Zhongchao visited and realized the manufacture factory. In the meter manufacture factory, Mr. Chen understood the manufacturing technique, production equipments and other related conditions on the spot. General manager Li Weiqing emphasized on introducing intelligent warehouse closed-loop logistics system and automatic packaging production line, and Mr. Chen praised for our advanced machines equipments and intensification of quality control.

After the visit, Mr. Chen held a small symposium with the company Top-managers. Li Weiqing detailed introduced the current production and management conditions, as well as manufacturing upgrading transformation, talent training, future industrial development planning and etc.

Mayor Chen gave sufficient affirmation on the works since the new base operation after listening the report. He said that Sanxing Electric realizing rapidly development through strengthening enterprise management, implementing quality engineering, increasing input on technical reform, promoting upgrade transformation relied on informatization and automation and changing tradition manufacture into intelligence industry step by step.

 Regarding the current and the next stage development, Mayor Chen presented that Sanxing Electric has to giving full play on own advantages, sustaining implement machine substitution, promoting automation and informatization. Meanwhile, around the current power reform trending, researching the future new model and commercial activities seriously, catching advantage opportunities and expanding the related business positively.