Saudi Arabia Smart Metering Project (SMP): Ningbo Sanxing Successfully Delivered 2.43 Million Smart Meters within 9 Months and Takes the Lead!TIME:2021-06-15 12:01:56   浏览次数:2272

When visiting the Website of Saudi Electricity Company (, there is a SMP logo on the homepage, as well as a stunning smart meter.

It is Saudi Smart Meter Project logo which created a miracle in 2020, and the smart meter delivered for the project by Ningbo Sanxing.

SMP is a key project implemented by the Saudi government to reach the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction under “Vision 2030". It is the biggest smart meter project in the world in one time deployment (approximately 10 million smart meters deployed in 15 months). It is also the world's first smart meter project with the largest deployment of two advanced communication solutions, NB-IoT and Hybrid (RF&G3), leading the new trend of smart metering in MENA, and around the world.

With more than 30 years technical expertise and project experience in the global smart meter field, Ningbo Sanxing delivered 2.43 million smart meter through advanced product solutions based on well understanding of customer requirements and pain points, taking the lead in all smart meter suppliers. 

At the very beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 spreaded around the world with so many countries into emergency and locked down. The supply of raw materials for smart meters was seriously insufficient under impact of the epidemic. Though confronted with multiple difficulties, Ningbo Sanxing immediately mobilized the entire company. By virtue of strong supply chain system and resource integration capabilities, we overcame difficulties and expanded production capacity. Under the premise of personnel safety, Sanxing completed procurement, production, shipment, routine test and delivery of 2.43 million smart meters in 9 months, which gained high praise from customers and takes lead in multiple aspects:

1. The First to pass 100A three-phase meter functional test.

2. The First to complete development of all 8 products (including meters, modules and concentrator).

3. The First to complete all product certifications, and pass the 15 years ART in one run.

4. Monthly production capacity exceeds 600,000 PCS during the peak period, and the first to complete the delivery of all products.

5. Successfully passed the routine test of more than 50 batches products, with 100% pass rate.

6. Online rate and successful reading rate ranks in the first among all manufacturers.

7. The success of the project was highly recognized by customers and praised in writing many times.

It is worth mentioning that according to the contract, more than 1 million meters should have been localized in Saudi Arabia. Ningbo Sanxing supported its local partner MEMF to establish a brand-new smart meter production line. And through the application of advanced factory information system (FIS), it ensured the precise implement of technological process and strictly controlled the product quality. With a monthly production capacity of 300k smart meters, MEMF created a new record of electric meters production capacity in Saudi Arabia.

The achievement is the fruit of the joint efforts by customer and Sanxing project team. The team in China worked day and night, dedicating themselves into the project during the whole period. The on-site team endured 45℃ high temperature and the epidemic, devoting themselves with a high enthusiasm. As project marketing manager, Mr.Ye stayed in KSA continuously for 13 months; technical support Eng.Su gave up his honeymoon and came to KSA right after wedding ceremony; in late night, after-sales Eng.Shi drove 300 km to the site to analyze a typical fault meter. 

Analysis in site in late night

The great team members

By focusing on customer requirements and pain points, creating value for customers is our eternal pursuit. Congratulations to the success of the SMP project and bravo to the great team!