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Ningbo convoked “Made in China 2025”-Ningbo’s Internet of industrial and Logistic conference in order to push forward the construction of “made in China 2025” experimental city, to promote the development of Ningbo’s Internet of industrial and Logistic.

On May 17th, representatives from Ningbo NDRC, Bureau of Finance, Bureau of Technique and some other enterprise visited Ningbo Sanxing Medical & Electric Co.Ltd(hereafter called “Sanxing Medical” or “Sanxing”) . Accompanied by vice President Liu Qijun and IT operation supervisor Zhang Meijing, the delegation visited smart meter terminal exhibition hall, automatic producing line and smart stereoscopic warehouse of Sanxing.


Officers from Ningbo visiting Sanxing Medical

Officers from Ningbo know about Sanxing Medical’s developing history in smart meter exhibition hall.

As a emerging industry of Aux Group, Sanxing Medical (601567.SH) went public in Shanghai in June 2011, mainly manufactures and sells electric products, is an advanced supplier of electric solution. Major business includes intelligent power distribution, intelligent power consumption, power efficiency and maintenance.

Sanxing Smart power distribution contains R&D, manufacturing and sales of   smart meters, smart terminal and electric car charger, ranking the top of the business in the field. Sanxing won this year’s bidding, ranking the first for the tender of State Grid.

Sanxing researched and developed the earliest and most-functional FIS (factory information system) and now upgraded to 3.0 version. FIS automated producing at 70%, increasing producing at 30%, reducing labor at 40%. Auto machine replaced human to adjust, scan, and deliver to warehouse and so on.


Officers from Ningbo visiting Sanxing smart exhibition hall

To promote automation, Sanxing is arranging machinery to replace human, managing to achieve “thousand people’s work but hundred people’s labor”.

The goal is to achieve complete automation of automatic delivery of components, automatic distribution, automatic inspection, automatic packing and automatic storing in the warehouse.


Sanxing automatic inspection and packing lines


Sanxing smart stereoscopic warehouse

From “made in China” to “smart in China”, Sanxing Smart has the capability to manufacture automatically and transport to warehouse automatically. Sanxing will keep researching to optimize the procedures, combining existed system to construct highly intelligent Sanxing and digital factory with complete value chain.


Smart Sanxing and digital Sanxing

The developing history of Sanxing is the reflection of China’s Internet of industrial and logistic revolution. Leader and officers in Ningbo highly agreed on Sanxing’s achievement. It is not only the honor of Sanxing but also a compliment of China’s Internet of industrial and logistic development. “Smart in China” presents the theme of this conference perfectly-“Connection produce value, Intelligence Leads the Future”.