Accumulation and Burst•Sanxing Medical&Electric Co., Ltd achieved breakthrough in tendering for grid big projectTIME:2017-06-07 06:12:27   浏览次数:7722

Recently the results of State Grids first grid equipment protocol storage tender, Guangdong grid transformer tender and box-type transformer tender have been released, Aux High-technology Co.,Ltd (short as Aux High-tech), which is a subsidiary sole-invested by Aux Group, won the bidding at 155 million RMB, ranking the very top in the field.   

Aux High-tech was founded in 2001, 0.4 billion RMB was invested in total, registered capital was 405 million. Aux High-tech mainly manufactures various transformers, box-type transformer, high & low-voltage switchgear, power metering box and so on. Aux High-tech’s turnover in 2016 was over 1.5 billion, ranking top three in domestic field. It is one of the best electric equipment manufacturers in China.

In the beginning of 2017, Aux High-techs sales team actively innovated their thinking to concentrate on key markets, core products and strengthen the development of new markets. The result of tendering in big projects is outstanding.

1. State Grid equipping protocol storage tender

In early May, State Grid announced the result of 2017 first equipping protocol storage tender, Aux High-tech won the biddings in Zhe Jiang, Sichuan, Jibei, Jiangxi, Liaoning, Hunan, Fujian, and Anhui, the products included box-type transformer, RMU, Amorphous Metal Transformer, oil-immersed transformer, high-voltage switchgear and so on. The sum of biding is calculated to be 105 million RMB.

2. Guangdong Grid Amorphous transformer tender

Tendering result for 2017 Guangdong Grid transformer, box-type transformer and some other equipment has been released, Aux High-tech won the bidding of Amorphous transformer at 49.69 billion RMB, ranking the 6th, achieved the first breakthrough of Guangdong Grid during the past five years.

In recent years, Sanxing Medical &Electric Co., Ltd keeps pursuing one hundred percent quality, zero flaw, constructed a complete quality control system from designing to operating. Sanxing focuses on quality and keeps searching for accumulation and burst so that it could make breakthrough in a blank market, which provided great support to achieve the goal of 2017.