Slovakia Project

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            1.Background Introduction

Sanxing started to develop products for Slovakia from 2014 and won the first tender in ZSD in 2015. Based on the products reliability and quick response of local team, Sanxing has gained a good reputation in the local market. From 2016, Sanxing won project in SSD and VSD based on the competitive offer. Since then, Sanxing covered 90% of local market. From the 1st delivery till now, Sanxing has totally signed 500k smart meter contract, and half of them are already installed in the field with monthly billing 98% which satisfying customer very much. This is the 1st and biggest P2P smart meter roll out among all Chinese manufacturers in Slovakia.

2.Project Challenge

In Slovakia, the old classic meters work with ripple control device to be able to implement different tariffs. The first challenge Sanxing was facing is to make the smart metering solution to replace the existing 2 devices solution. In this case, Sanxing implemented 2 Relays in its solution, the 2 relays can connect to home appliance coordinating with calendar setting, to realize the same result as old solution. The 2nd challenge is the high security requirement and different access level, Sanxing implemented HLS to the solution, meanwhile the way of managing access divided to 4 levels.



In the Slovakia solution, with high security implemented, Chinese solution started to be taken as a reliable example, with the same or even higher target realised, the cost of ownership is even cheaper, which brings to customer high satisfaction. Sanxing’s strategy is always to work with local partner, together with the Slovak partner, we finally becomes the long-term supplier of local customers.


With our effort, we can reduce the cost of total ownership for customer and give customer more profit margin to achieve co-win. And because of our quick response and satisfactory after-sales service we can ensure our customer a top rank service, and our project can be a selected reference project for Sanxing and ZSD.