Malaysia Project

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1.Background Introduction 

With rich overseas project experience and advanced product functions, Sanxing Medical & Electric has successfully won the tender for tens of thousands of smart meters by TNB Company in Malaysia. TNB plans to complete the installation of 8 million smart meters by 2025. Trilliant provides HES and RF modules. In 2018, TNB issued 1.5 million tenders. Sanxing Medical & Electric has invested a lot of R & D resources to overcome the difficulties in response to Malaysia's high requirements for power control. The product greatly reduces the working pressure of the employees in the basic power supply stations.

2.Project Challenge

  • Trilliant may take 1 year to make integration test and the bidding time is urgent.
  • It is difficult to develop the specifications of smart meters.
  • High Requirements for Accurate and Real-time Meter Reading


  • Sanxing Medical & Electric spent two years developing products
  • Collaborating with GMS/SPM on bidding and our partner has rich experience about smart meter.
  • Trillant makes integration test fast, and Integration stage I is 30% faster than expected.


  • Sanxing Medical & Electric becomes the first supplier of smart meters in Malaysia
  • Continuously help TNB landing smart meter planning
  • Help Malaysia regional companies set up local factories