Egyptian Project

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1.Background Introduction

Early 2015 , street light project is a direct order project won by AOIE (our Egyptian partner) , for supplying 4 Million street light lambs + 100000 street light meters on phases ;

The meter project was monopolized by EL SWEDY ELECTRO METER , who supplied the solution & meter for AOIE & got approved by EEHC .

Street light meters project

2.Project Challenge

  • It was Elswedy deal they already signed 15000 from the first patch(25000), we received the news & worked on it with our local consultant & R&D engineer HETAO
  • Finding best meter with minimum development to catch the deal ASAP was the biggest challenge, we took a meter sample which is already in Egypt SX5A2-PELS04 and modify the firmware to comply with customer requirements.
  • The customer did not produce CKD before & wanted to produce this order CKD 

Competitor analysis &comparison to our solution


  •  We found one three phase sample SX5A2-PELS04  with keypad , though customer did not request keypad , but we make it as our penetration point, offer a better solution , total relay connection control with keypad short codes  
  •  Conducting CKD production pilot & training for AOIE team with assistance of Eng YaoXiaQi
  • We gave the customer better delivery terms with better prices (without effecting our net gross which was around 35 to 40%) , so we Grabbed the remaining quantity of the first patch which was 10000.

Local production &training Eng Hassan &Eng Yao

Our innovative presentation box hand made to simply explain the solution

After installing our first patch 10k , the end user & AOIE were satisfied with our quality .Finally we managed to supply 50000 meters( 15 Million ¥).

The next we plan to supply  78000 GPRS MODULE + System (10Million¥) and another 28000 meters. Such an project have produced 15Million¥ & Has the potential to reach 47.5 Million ¥ in the nearest future , is one of our best project example in North Africa Region .

Our blight future for the Street light meter project