Latvia Project

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1.Background Introduction

Starting from 2017, Sanxing started delivering the 1st PLC-G3 smarting metering project to ST, DSO company in Latvia. Which is including Head End System, smart meters and integration solution with MDM system. In year after, Sanxing won the 2nd project of Latvia, till Sept. 2019, Sanxing delivered total 500K smart meters, there are around 350K installed on filed working normally. KPI of monthly billing is 98% which satisfying customer very much. This is the 1st and biggest PLC-G3 roll out among all Chinese manufacturers.

2.Project Challenge

The first challenge is the IDIS Protocol implementation, because we are one of the first manufacturers to the implementation of the newly released communication protocol.

The second challenge is about the security, we need to improve the security level to meet customer’s needs.

What’s more we have to use case for PLC-G3: Big Substation (>1000 pcs installed meters) it’s not a easy work. And we have to achieve system integration, and calibration of 4 parties, it’s rather complex.


In order to meet the High Security requirement of our customer, we deeply researched the key point that our customer cared, so that we made our products passed the FIPS certificate and NIST standard to ensure the products is guaranteed with high security and reliability. In this project, we’ve kept a close relationship with our customer and kept regularly contact with each other and we’ve gone through the hard time together. Finally, we made the project a big success by multi-party cooperation and satisfactory service and we have got the customer's appreciation and affirmation.



Focus on the customer’s needs is the core idea of our company, so we make sure that we will try our best to meet their needs, solve their problem and create more profits for them, we firmly believe we will be the top rank metering company in China and worldwide.